Find here how patients and clinicians talk about deprexis®. 

Dr Baker: "The feedback (...) I've had of deprexis® has been really good"

In Warwickshire (England), a pilot project has been allowing patients to access deprexis®. Dr Baker (GP) was among the first prescribers. Find out about his experience of using deprexis® over the last 8 months.

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Joanne: "I highly recommend it to people"

Find out about Joanne’s story, one of Dr Baker’s patients, who has completed deprexis®.

Harry*: "I could take away the tips to manage my own symptoms"

“I enjoyed the way in which the course was written, I felt it was encouraging and a bit like an old friend giving advice. I used the full version rather than the shortened version as I like as much information as possible, I felt it was enough to keep me engaged, and found it informative and I went away mulling over what I had read. I really liked that there were activities to take away and try in real life. On the whole, I found most of these accessible allowing me to have a go at doing what I had learnt and try to embed this which I feel has had a very positive effect.” (…)


“I have enjoyed the mix of techniques including both Cognitive Behavioural Therapy and Mindfulness, it is nice to be able to have a range of tools which I call upon when needed.” (…)


“The daily text messages have also been good to receive, I have found them encouraging and a daily moment to reflect on how I am doing and how I can apply the advice in the text message. I feel they have helped to reinforce and remind me about topics covered in the course.” (…)


“I feel the course has given me a really positive outlet and the opportunity to do something for myself to manage my symptoms” (…)

Testimonials - Harry

Emma*: "deprexis® has helped my mental health"

“I was sceptical at first as I wasn't speaking to anyone and everything was all done electronically, but I couldn't be more grateful that this method has helped me. I highly recommend the text messages and when you sit and read and then relate to them, it makes sense and what you were worrying about or getting upset makes you stop and sit back and think this message is so true.” (…)


“I would highly recommend this counselling service.”

Testimonials - Emma

Nadine*: “It was definitely the right step forward to making a change in my daily life”

“I had heard about deprexis® after having a conversation regarding mental health and anxiety. It was definitely the right step forward to making a change in my daily life.” (…)

deprexis® was always there whenever I was having an off or bad day. Knowing I could just take time out to go through the different questions and scenarios to how I am feeling or what I would do in different situations it would get me thinking and feeling better.” (…)

Testimonials - Nadine

*The names were modified

There are two ways to get an acces :

  • by purchasing an access code yourself at the price of £324 including VAT;
  • By getting a prescription. in some areas, the NHS covers the cost of the therapy and your practitioner can prescribe deprexis® at no cost to you

deprexis® can be used from 18 years old1.

The duration of access to deprexis® is 90 days. During this period, the entire program can be accessed at any time.

Your access is personal but you can export, print and send by e-mail your data if you want. To do this, go to deprexis® in the "your space" menu, then click on "personal data" and finally on "Create PDF".

On a single document, you will get all the data collected from your use of deprexis®: your depression intensity graph, your mood graph and the topics you have already covered.

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