Privacy notice

We are Ethypharm Digital Therapy UK, the UK branch of Ethypharm Digital Therapy SAS, a private limited company registered in France.  The registered address of our UK branch is Bampton Road, Harold Hill, Romford, RM3 8UG, England.    In this privacy policy we are referred to as “EDT”, “us”, or “we”.  We work with other organisations and in particular with GAIA A.G. (GAIA), the host and manufacturer of deprexis®, the personalised cognitive behavioural online digital therapy, which is available to be purchased via our website.

This privacy notice provides a brief summary of how we process your personal data and asks for your consent to process it in certain ways.

To learn more about EDT and the way in which we process your data, and to see the rights available to you under data protection law, you can access our full privacy policy.

Information about using deprexis®

Your use of deprexis®, including the monitoring of your mental health, levels of depression and engagement with the various therapies provided is primarily subject to GAIA’s terms of use (available here) and the collecting, processing and storage of any of your personal data, including any health data, related to use of deprexis® is subject to the privacy policy of GAIA which can be accessed here.

While GAIA is primarily responsible for the processing of personal data collected in relation to your use of deprexis®, we enable your access to deprexis® on the GAIA platform, and Ethypharm Digital Therapy SAS acts as distributor on behalf of GAIA in order to collect payment for use of deprexis® subject to our terms of sale and our privacy policy which can be found separately on the website. In order to enable your access to deprexis® we collect personal data such as your name, email address, mobile phone number, billing address and bank details in order to to process your purchase and provide you with an activation code to gain access to deprexis®.

The nature of the deprexis® therapy, and the fact that it is designed to treat depression or other mental health issues, means that we also hold data from which inferences may be made about  your health as a result of your requesting to purchase and access deprexis®.

We need your explicit consent in order to process this personal data about your health and will request this consent from you before we process your purchase.