Find out how deprexis® can help your patients

What does deprexis® bring to your management of depression?

Currently over 11 million people in England are suffering from symptoms of depression. Together with substance misuse, mental illness accounts for 21.3% of the total morbidity burden in England. We know that mental illness is closely associated with both inequality and long-term comorbid conditions17. IAPT services are used to tackle many of these issues. This is acknowledged within the NHS long term plan which aims to increase access to IAPT services, to 25% of those in need, covering a total of 1.9m adults18.

However, many patients continue to face significant difficulties in accessing care and often face long waiting times for access to psychotherapy.

deprexis®, as a digital therapy, provides your patients with immediate access to a comprehensive program. Based on an integrative model including several psychotherapic approaches, deprexis® offers a new treatment option for the management of depression1.


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Developed and researched by psychologists and clinicians for over 10 years

deprexis® is a program developed by a multidisciplinary team of physicians, psychotherapists and software engineers. Its effectiveness has also been studied for more than 10 years in many common care situations2-14:

  • In patients with mild, moderate and severe depression
  • In outpatient and inpatient settings
  • In combination with or without psychotherapy
  • In comorbid depressions related to gambling addiction, Multiple Sclerosis and epilepsy
  • Short term (efficacy from 8 weeks) and long term (1 year follow-up)
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How to offer deprexis® to your patients and what follow-up to provide?

deprexis® is intented to be used as a self-application by the patient1. There is therefore no additional follow-up to be provided during the therapy.

To offer deprexis® to your patient, you can either recommend or prescribe it.


You can recommend deprexis® to your patients by inviting them to purchase an access code on this website.

Prescription (if funding is in place in your area)

To prescribe deprexis®, please log-in on the prescriber access. Prescription of deprexis® will also soon be available in your electronic prescribing system if you use EMIS.

Would you like to start a funding project to offer deprexis® to your patients at no cost for them?
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How do patients access deprexis®?

deprexis® is available by obtaining an access code either by:

  • purchasing it on this website if it has been recommended by an healthcare professionnal ;
  • receiving it directly by text message or e-mail if it is prescribed by a healthcare professional.

In just a few steps, your patient will be able to activate their access code, create an account and begin therapy without any waiting time.

Once the code is used, the patient is given 90 days' access and can follow the program at their own pace.


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deprexis® is available at a cost of £324 (incl. VAT) for 90 days access.

You can invite your patients to get a 90-day access to deprexis® by purchasing an access code.

If you have a funding contract in your area, you can also prescribe deprexis® (an account is required)

You can obtain an access code on the page "purchasing an access code". Our teams are also available to give you a demonstration of deprexis®. Please contact us!

deprexis® is a 'brief' therapy. By using deprexis® at the recommended frequency (once or twice a week for 30 to 60 minutes)1, the patient has enough time to complete the whole program and learn the techniques and methods adapted to their situation. deprexis® also offers a number of downloadable and printable summary and worksheets that the patient can continue to use even after their access has ended.

The use of deprexis® is personal and confidential. Only the patient has access to their data and the healthcare professional does not have to follow up on deprexis®.

As part of the therapeutic alliance, you can ask your patient to export their usage data and their self-assessment graphs for a follow-up consultation. To do this, ask your patient to go to the menu "your space", then to click on "personal data" and finally on "Create PDF" on the deprexis® website.

deprexis® is intended for as a self-application supplemental to care-as-usual1.

deprexis® is neither intended to replace treatment provided by a health care provider nor to provide information which is used to take decisions with diagnosis or therapeutic purposes.

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*Depending on your choices, deprexis® may offer you a selection of chats from the twelve available.



Intended use:
deprexis® is intended to provide therapeutic methods and exercises based on evidence-based psychological and psychotherapeutic therapies for patients with unipolar depression or depressive disorders, to help them managing their depression or depressive disorder. deprexis is intended as a self-application supplemental to care-as-usual for patients 18 years of age or older. deprexis can be used for a period of 90 days. deprexis is neither intended to replace treatment provided by a health care provider nor to provide information which is used to take decisions with diagnosis or therapeutic purposes.


deprexis® should not be used by patients with bipolar disorder, psychotic disorder (e.g. schizophrenia) or by patients with suicidal risk.


Frequency of use:
Experience has shown that deprexis® should ideally be used 1-2 times a week for at least half an hour for each session.


Read Instructions For Use carefully and follow its instructions. Available on


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