Purchase a deprexis® access code

For £324 (incl. VAT), you get full access to deprexis® for 90 days including:

  • the therapeutic modules called "chats" with a wide range of content and exercises
  • 30 audio recordings and 20 exercises and summary sheets
  • Self-assessment and monitoring of your depression and mood
  • Daily e-mails or text messages service

deprexis® should not be used (contraindications) in case of:

- psychotic disorder (e.g. schizophrenia)

- bipolar disorder

- suicidal risk. In case of suicidal thoughts, please see the "Emergency contacts" page

deprexis® is not intended for use in persons under the age of 18 years

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How does access to deprexis® work ?

1. I purchase an access code online

2. I receive my access code by e-mail

3. I create my deprexis® account

4. I complete my therapeutic program for 90 days

Scientifically proven efficacy

  • deprexis® has been developed and studied in clinical trials by psychiatrists and psychologists
  • Data from 12 clinical studies demonstrate its efficacy and safety in patients with mild, moderate and severe depression2-14
  • 79% of patients who used deprexis® would recommend it to a friend3